Adult Mental Health Case Manager

JOB TITLE:  Adult Mental Health Case Manager

LOCATION:  Gulf Bend Plaza, 6502 Nursery Drive, Suite 100, Victoria, Texas

Competitive salary based on experience:  Pay Grade:  13, minimum:  $ 16.33/hour

JOB PURPOSE: Provides psycho-social rehab services to adults with severe and persistent mental illness. Services will be provided in the community and/or clinic. Is responsible for completing assessments, treatment planning, effective coordination of appropriate community services and crisis intervention.  Acts as liaison between clients/families and service providers. Requires travel within the 7 counties.  Meets multiple deadlines and reporting requirements. May perform other work duties as assigned by Program Manager.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS and DUTIES: (1) Participates as directed in the screening of new service requests within the clinic by means of and agency approved procedure which ensures that all individuals are adequately and appropriately served according to their individual needs and in accordance with existing policies and procedures. (2) Accepts newly assigned cases in which the diagnostic intake has been completed by a licensed provider. Completes case management assessment on all clients entering caseload. (3) Develops appropriate treatment/service plans with clients as the means for implementing appropriate services and developing effective rapport with clients. (4) Provides on-going case management functions in accordance with the problems, needs, and the strategies identified within the service plan in order to help the clients to achieve goals and objectives.  (5) Provides face to face assessments with the clients on a biannual basis.  The progress made in reaching service goals are discussed so that the recovery plan can be adapted, as necessary, to ensure that the goals and objectives are being achieved. (6) Documents all service contacts on a timely basis including face-to-face interviews, collateral and networking contacts, correspondence and maintains the case records in accordance with agency and regulatory standards and requirements. (7) Participates in integrated care planning and service coordination activities as directed to improve and enhance service continuity and effectiveness for clients to include but not be inclusive of referrals to inter-agency programs if staff meets requirements of Qualified Mental Health Professional. (8) Meets regularly with the immediate supervisor as a means of enhancing professional growth, reviewing and processing the provision of case management services, and dealing with appropriate administrative issues. (9) Maintains close communication with psychiatrist and nursing for input regarding medication compliance, side effects of medication, and medication changes and alerts these members of the staff of any changes in client adjustment which might suggest decompensation and a need for more aggressive intervention. (10) Performs other duties as assigned by the supervisor which are consistent with the position and in compliance with agency policies and procedures.

REPORTS TO:  Adult Mental Health Services Manager 


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES, and COMPETENCY: Working knowledge of the nature of serious mental illness and related treatment modalities, interventions and techniques; of different types of assessments and their uses in recovery planning; of consumers' rights; of local community resources and service delivery systems such as housing, social, welfare, educational, etc...; of client record documentation requirements; and of client services plan development and implementation.  Demonstrated ability to interview and assess clients, using appropriate assessment tools, and observe, record and report on an individual's functioning; to read and understand assessments, evaluations, observation, and use in developing treatment plan; to identify community resources and services for clients and coordinate provision of services; to establish effective working relationships with internal agency staff as well as with relevant community organizations; interact positively with consumers and their families, work as a team member, communicate effectively, verbally and in writing, to maintain confidentiality, and to work independently under general supervision.


Required: A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a major in social, behavioral or human services or is a registered nurse.  (Social, behavioral, and human services are:  psychology; social work; medicine; nursing; rehabilitation; counseling; sociology; human development; physician's assistant; gerontology; education psychology; special education; early childhood intervention; or early childhood education.) 

Preferred: At least six months experience in providing mental health services to adults, children and adolescents preferred.

DEGREE AND/OR CERTIFICATION REQUIRED (IF APPLICABLE): BA/BS in field specified above or licensed as a Registered Nurse in the State of Texas.

PHYSICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS: Light lifting, under 15 lbs; Light carrying, under 15 lbs; Simple grasping; Walking; Standing; Sitting; Twisting; Climbing stairs; Operating office equipment; Operating motor vehicle; Ability to see; Identify colors; Hearing (with aid); Ability to write; Ability to count; Ability to read; Ability to tell time; Travel by car 50% of time; Outside; Inside; Excessive heat; Excessive humidity; Working closely with others; Working alone.


INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Consumers, family members, referral sources, general public

OTHER REQUIREMENTS OR CONDITIONS: Current State of Texas Driver License or if you live in another state, must be currently licensed in that state. Liability insurance required.  Must be insurable by Center's liability carrier if employee operates a Center vehicle or drives personal car on Center business.