Child and Adolescent Case Manager

JOB TITLE: Child and Adolescent Case Manager

JOB LOCATION:  Victoria, Texas

JOB PURPOSE: Provides case management, skills training, and medication training to children/adolescents with a serious emotional disturbance. Provides services to the primary caregiver or LAR. Services will be provided in the school, community and/or clinic. Is responsible for completing assessments, treatment planning, effective coordination of appropriate community services and crisis intervention.  Acts as liaison between clients/families and service providers. Requires travel within the 7 counties.  Meets multiple deadlines and reporting requirements.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS and DUTIES: (1) Completes TRR assessment and Recovery Plan in accordance with Center policy and DSHS Contract as verified by supervisory review.  (2) Formulates a Recovery plan to identify the appropriate skill areas, frequency and duration of services to be provided in conjunction with the consumer/families and based upon the TRR assessment as verified by supervisory review.  (3) Provides authorized services to consumers according to the treatment plan developed using independent clinical judgment to assess client need per supervisor review.  (4) Provides ninety five percent (95%) of psychosocial rehab services in the schools and /or consumers' natural environment per supervisor review.  (5) Meets Center's productivity standards monthly per Program Director's review.  (6) Links clients and/or their families to appropriate community resources as necessary.  (7) Provides Patient and Family Education in accordance with TRR Fidelity per supervisory review.  (8) Provides case management, skills training, and medication training in accordance with Medicaid Rule, DSHS Contract, and TRR Fidelity.  (9) Demonstrates appropriate responsiveness to consumer needs as demonstrated by no legitimate consumer, collateral or co-worker complaints.  (10)  Submits treatment recommendations through Utilization Review based on medical necessity per supervisor review.  (11)  Attends all required team meetings as scheduled by supervisor unless excused by supervisor.  (12) Demonstrates efficient time management as evidenced by meeting all job expectations.  (13) Documents services collaboratively according to Medicaid Rule and DSHS Contract per supervisory review.  (14) Completes all paperwork according to Medicaid Rule, DSHS Contract and Center Policy.  (15) Submits documentation of services within two business days.

REPORTS TO:  Child & Adolescent Team Lead


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES, and COMPETENCY: (1) Exhibits cooperative teamwork with other staff to accomplish the efficient operation of the program by assisting coworkers, as necessary, to meet client needs and contract requirements with no verified complaints.  (2) Models professionalism by appropriate dress, language, ethics and work habits 100% of the time.  (3) Demonstrates an ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing 100% of the time.  (4) Uses a computer and other technical devices to complete all work assignments.  (5) Accomplishes 95% of assigned tasks with minimal supervision.  (6) Uses sound judgment in the release of information as evidenced by lack of complaints or consumer rights findings.  (7) Completes fleet checklist as required.  Reports all fleet problems directly to the Program Director within 24 hours of identifying problem.


Required: A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a major in social, behavioral or human services or is a registered nurse.  (Social, behavioral, and human services are:  psychology; social work; medicine; nursing; rehabilitation; counseling; sociology; human development; physician's assistant; gerontology; education psychology; special education; early childhood intervention; or early childhood education.) 

Preferred: At least six months experience in providing mental health services to adults, children and adolescents.

DEGREE AND/OR CERTIFICATION REQUIRED: BA/BS in field specified above or licensed as a Registered Nurse in the State of Texas.

PHYSICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS: Light lifting, under 15 lbs; Light carrying, under 15 lbs; Simple grasping; Walking; Standing; Sitting; Twisting; Climbing stairs; Operating office equipment; Operating motor vehicle; Ability to see; Identify colors; Hearing (with aid); Ability to write; Ability to count; Ability to read; Ability to tell time; Travel by car 50% of time; Outside; Inside; Excessive heat; Excessive humidity; Slippery/uneven walking surfaces; Working closely with others; Working alone.


INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Consumers, family members, referral sources, general public, outside agencies, school systems

OTHER REQUIREMENTS OR CONDITIONS: Current State of Texas Driver License or if you live in another state, must be currently licensed in that state. Liability insurance required.  Must be insurable by Center's liability carrier if employee operates a Center vehicle or drives personal car on Center business.