Crisis Intervention Specialist

JOB TITLE: Crisis Intervention Specialist

LOCATION:  Gulf Bend Plaza, 6502 Nursery Drive, Suite 100, Victoria, Texas

Competitive salary based on experience:  Pay Grade:  13, minimum:  $ 16.33/hour

JOB PURPOSE: The Crisis Intervention Specialist (CIS) provides education about individuals with IDD, their needs, and ways to work effectively with them, to MCOT, law enforcement, ER staff and other community members. The CIS will also be providing information to individuals with IDD, their families/caregivers and providers about available IDD programs and services. CIS will work with MCOT, LIDDA staff and the Transition Support team to identify and support individuals with IDD who are at risk of, or experiencing crisis. For individuals referred to crisis respite the CIS develops a crisis respite service plan describing the needed therapeutic support, and works with the service coordinator and the service planning team to ensure that on-going crisis follow-up and monitoring address identified concerns and issues. The CIS must document all activities, collaborations and consultations conducted and submit quarterly reports to DADS.Accurate and timely documentation of services is required. The work environment is a combination of field work, outreach presentations and trainings, and office work. The CIS will be expected to be on-call and to collaborate with MCOT after-hours and to be available for after-hours IDD related emergencies


*Outreach (ESSENTIAL) Responsible for conducting outreach and making presentations to stakeholders (Mental Health Deputies, Law Enforcement Personnel, Emergency Room Personnel, Provider Agencies, Advocacy Groups, School Districts, Families, individual-nontraditional provider, MCOT and LIDDA staff regarding IDD Programs and services and the manner in which to engage individuals with IDD and their unique needs.

*Consultation (ESSENTIAL) Responsible for providing consultation to MCOT as needed or clinically indicated regarding a crisis event involving an individual with IDD.

*Collaboration (ESSENTIAL) Responsible for collaborating with appropriate LIDDA staff, MCOT, and the Transition Support Team to identify individuals with IDD who are at risk of requiring crisis services, identify prevention and coping skills and strategies, identify training and support needs to  provide the individual with community living success; developing criteria for referral for crisis respite; assist with the individual transitioning from crisis respite back to  home or other appropriate setting; and addressing concerns and issues identified during follow-up and monitoring.

*Planning (ESSENTIAL) Responsible for developing a crisis respite service plan describing the therapeutic support needed by an individual referred to crisis respite.

*Documentation (ESSENTIAL) Documents all activities, collaboration and consultation provided. Accurately completes all required programmatic and administrative documentation within accepted timeframes. Ensures that all required documentation has been forwarded to appropriate personnel and/or filed.

*Reporting (ESSENTIAL) Submits quarterly reports in the DADS prescribed format by the 15th day of the month following each fiscal quarter.

*Corporate Compliance (ESSENTIAL) Adheres to the professional, ethical and legal requirements set forth in the Center's business Code of Conduct as well as the Corporate Compliance Plan.

*In Service Training (ESSENTIAL) Completes all initial trainings (NEO, SC training, PMAB, First Aid, CPR)  within 60 days of hire; completes  training modules available at  within 30 days of hire and completes any additional training modules within 45 days of the posting of new modules on this site; obtains  updates/re-certifications of other trainings as required, Participates in other continuing  education trainings as required.

*Special Projects (ESSENTIAL) Assists Supervisor when requested to complete special projects within negotiated timeframes.

REPORTS TO:  Program Director - Supervised by Clinical Director 


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES, and COMPETENCY: Experience with IDD and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders and with individuals in crisis situations. Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, time management and organizational skills.  Ability to meet deadlines, participate in interdisciplinary teamwork, and to coordinate services with other service provider agencies. Must be able to work assertively and flexibly as a team member per Gulf Bend Center policies and procedures. Must be knowledgeable of community agencies and mental health programs.  Preferred an individual with bilingual skills (English and Spanish), public speaking experience and supervisory experience.


Required: A qualified intellectual disability professional (QIDP) Bachelors Degree, as defined in 42 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), 483.430(a); and at least two years of experience working with individuals with IDD who have mental health and behavior support needs or linking people with IDD to mental health supports, in addition to the one year of required experience of a qualified intellectual disability professional described in 42 CFR, 483.430(a)(1).  Must have knowledge of IDD services and supports that are available by DADS and the LIDDA.

Preferred: A Master's degree from an accredited college or university with a major in social, behavioral or human services. 

DEGREE AND/OR CERTIFICATION REQUIRED (IF APPLICABLE): Licensed in the state of Texas to practice counseling as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Psychological Associate or Board Certified Behavioral Analyst preferred.

PHYSICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS: Moderate lifting, 15-44 lbs; Light carrying, under 15 lbs; Straight pulling; Simple grasping; Walking; Standing; Sitting; Stooping; Climbing stairs; Operating office equipment; Operating motor vehicle; Ability to see; Identify colors; Hearing (with aid); Ability to write; Ability count; Ability to read; Ability to tell time; Travel by car 25% of time; Outside; Inside; Excessive noise/intermittent; Long or irregular hours; Working closely with others; Working alone.



OTHER REQUIREMENTS OR CONDITIONS (specify): Current State of Texas Driver License or if you live in another state, must be currently licensed in that state. Liability insurance required.  Must be insurable by Center's liability carrier if employee operates a Center vehicle or drives personal car on Center business.